Building New Lasting Relationships on Solid Ground

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on December 17, 2012

Guest post about building lasting relationships.

There is a point in any successful relationship in which things begin to get a bit more serious, when the ante is mutually raised. It can be a wonderful time in the relationship but it can also present a few little problems that need ironing out.

Even moving into rented accommodation together is not without its potential perils. In the event of splitting up, both parties will be liable for any outstanding bills on rent, utilities and council tax. Then of course there is the matter of the deposit for moving, the cost of which may or not have been equally met as well as any deductions for damaged carpet, paintwork or charges for additional cleaning.

If purchasing a property together again, the money each party puts into the initial deposit may for one reason or another differ. Mortgage payments often come out of a joint bank account as do bills for electricity, gas water and so forth.

If you are considering both entering into a marriage or civil partnership it needs to be agreed who arrived with what and what each party would be entitled to in the unfortunate event of a break-up. A pre-nuptial agreement is not watertight under current law but will certainly influence how any estate is divided.

A pre-nuptial agreement will cover any items purchased together and might also cover maintenance costs for any children. And even the seemingly simple process of changing your name after the ceremony involves a degree of paperwork and notifying the correct authorities.

Entering into a new long term relationship is likely to make you want to either update your will or begin one from scratch. A legal and updated will can make all the difference to a loved one should the worst ever happen and help pay for the inevitable costs of any funeral arrangements. A will can be drawn up for as little as under one hundred and fifty pounds and could be considered a very wise investment for your loved ones.

Similarly many couples choose to take out life insurance. Co-op family law services offer many services which incorporate this. If something were to happen to the partner who is the predominant earner, without the correct insurance the remaining partner, as well as having to deal with the grief, could be left with huge bills for rent, mortgage or other costs.

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