How to navigate real estate ownership research

by Lilly on December 15, 2012

When people are looking into residential home ownership, there are many things to be excited about such as decorating the house and moving in.  Commercial real estate investors have this feeling when preparing for new tenants. However, if you are part of either group, you should consider doing research into who owned the home before. Research from credible companies can go back decades to showing you who owned the home and other important details connected to the home.

Benefits of using real estate searches

The advantages of home ownership research will give you peace of mind especially as the housing market fluctuates. The last thing any real estate investor wants to worry about is buying the wrong property because adequate research was not done. Some of the real estate search advantages include:

  • Understanding its environmental state: The environmental health of the real estate you want to sell is a critical factor in whether you can find buyers for your property. The chain of title search will uncover all of the features of the environmental health of the property such as whether it is habitable and whether the materials that make up the house are also safe to touch and be around.
  • Mitigating the risk of buying real estate: One of the top benefits of using chain title research is that you are lowering risk in your corner before you sell your real estate property. Knowing the history of the property will give you the opportunity to know what you are getting yourself in for. One of the most famous examples which highlights why home ownership research is important is the allegedly haunted house of 112 Ocean Avenue that was the basis of the Amityville Horror films. Any buyers who want to avoid buying a house with a difficult history can find this out by doing sufficient research through chain title work.
  • Allows you to define resell value: By knowing who owned the real estate that you are looking for, it makes it easier to understand how to market the real estate that you want to sell. Different owners have different requirements over the type of information that they require before making a decision to buy real estate. Commercial real estate investors can understand how long previous investors owned the property before selling it and they can see whether it was a profitable sell proposition for previous owners. Residential real estate buyers can determine whether the property they are opting to buy will hold its value or whether it is subject to housing price fluctuation.

Ultimately, real estate ownership is a rewarding experience that can be financially satisfying if you do your homework. Be sure to use chain of title research in order to present your real estate property to as many buyers as possible. By giving plenty of information about the history of the property, you give yourself plenty of opportunities to sell your property at the value that you want to achieve.



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