HR Training – Should This Be Something That All Businesses Adopt?

by Lucy Reflect on May 7, 2013

With all of the recent changes in employment law it’s no wonder that some businesses are starting to get a little confused about the latest employment legislation.

Back in April 2012 the qualifying period for unfair dismissal was increased from one year to two years. October 2012 saw changes to the pensions legislation and in March 2013 discrimination questionnaires were abolished. More recently we have also seen changes to the rate of statutory sick pay and maternity pay too.

With more changes set to occur this year and over the next few years it’s time that businesses take note of the latest changes so that they are fully prepared for any employee disputes.

Some businesses are actually arranging for dedicated employment solicitors to visit their business and train both senior team members and employees on the latest legislation so that staff are fully up to scratch on their rights and will actually save money in the long run as less claims will be made. It is also hoped that by ensuring that senior team members are fully aware of the latest employment laws that there is less chance of them flouting any laws and finding themselves at the wrong end of a claim.

Law firms usually tailor these types of training sessions so that your business will get the most out of the session, whether it’s aimed at an entire workforce or just senior management personnel.

Employees are far more aware of their rights now than ever before, and because of this there are far more employment tribunals brought against employers. Regular HR training sessions for senior team members will reduce the likelihood of an employment tribunal being brought against an employer, as they will maintain a strong understanding of the latest HR practices and will no what to do in the event of a claim.

Lucy Reflect

Lucy Reflect

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