5 Reasons Why Payroll Process Needs To Be Outsourced By Employers

by Stella Lauren on November 22, 2013

Payroll is the most sensitive component of any organization, no matter small or big. When you consider the employer’s perspective, the payroll process needs a huge amount of responsibility since it involved a great proportion of the operation costs of the organization. When you consider the employee’s perspective, payroll process needs to be time-sensitive and accurate since it is that salary that every employee works for the whole month.

According to recent studies, many businesses find payroll process to be very time-consuming and complicated. This depends on the way in which the records needs for payroll is being maintained. Internal handling of the payroll process by organizations involve various modes such as manual book-keeping, in-house book-keeping, payroll software which comes as a sub-product of ERP modules and so on. According to a recent survey, 75% of small businesses find it difficult to process the payroll and depend on a service provider for this. This is only because of the fact that they do not have the sufficient resources and the expertise that is required for payroll processing. This is where payroll outsourcing comes to action. There are some vital reasons why employers need to outsource payroll:

Save Time

The modern businesses run in a heavily competent atmosphere where time plays a vital role in every walk of business. Regardless your organization size, attending payroll related functions is complex since it involves multiple components that needs to gel with each other. Attention to detail is a prime aspect that needs a lot of time with regard to payroll. Business owners need to check the errors in the data every time and pay period follows another pay period quickly. By outsourcing payroll process, a lot of precious time that needs to go into the actual business strategy gets freed up.

Save Money

Saving time indirectly helps you save money. The cost that goes behind the resource who calculates the payroll every pay period, printing, signing, distributing paychecks or pay stubs, generating reports for in-house or use of the finance, remitting payroll taxes to the government and other related costs. All these costs can be cut if payroll is outsourced to an affordable and best service provider.

Prevent Security Issues

Payroll process is very sensitive and prone to many risks in any business operation. There is risk involved even with employees whom you trust the most in forms of identity theft, misappropriation of funds or playing with company records for personal interest. Even when you use payroll software to process your payroll in-house, there are many risks such as an unsafe computer server network and so on. So, to prevent such security issues, you need to find a safe service provider who can provide you a payroll on cloud option with confidentiality and security.

Compliance Issues

As a matter of general concern, small business owners find themselves to lack the expertise and knowledge about government tax regulations which is very vital. Any mistakes in these compliance related issues, it may lead to audits and penalties. A professional payroll provider has the expertise and experience in handling all these compliance related stuff for various types of businesses and outsourcing helps a lot to make your payroll compliant and safe.

Professional Expertise

Due to the complexity of payroll process, business owners and even some senior management people tend to spend time and energy on this and not do what they actually need to do. By outsourcing this complex payroll process, the professional expertise of resources can be used for strategies and getting business to the next level.

These are the advantages and reasons that insist businesses to outsource their payroll process to and efficient and affordable service provider.

Stella Lauren

Stella Lauren

The author, Stella Lauren has contributed this post, who writes on organization growth and sustained development in the competitive business environment. Payroll outsourcing is becoming a technology-driven initiative by every organization and needs to be looked at with a holistic approach to enjoy its benefits.
Stella Lauren
Stella Lauren
Stella Lauren
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