What Should You Look For When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

by screwlords on July 4, 2012

(US Law and generally) If you are facing criminal charges, you may wish to retain a criminal lawyer immediately. Although, handing over your case to a lawyer, sounds safe and easy, looking for a lawyer may be a daunting task. This article discusses a few important factors to help you make your decision. Another thing that you can be concerned about is how soon should you hire a lawyer. To answer this, I will say, the sooner you do, the better it is. Being a defendant in a criminal case, hiring a lawyer even before a warrant is issued, helps the lawyer in protecting your legal rights and prepare the best representation of your case.

What Things To Looks for When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer


While selecting any attorney, from the several types of lawyers, it is important that you select the one near to you. This will help you in two ways; one is that you can reach your lawyer easily and the other is, being from the same state, will enable him or her to know the state specific laws applicable to your case. He or she will also be aware of the legal system in the state and have professional contacts that can be helpful for your case.

Evaluate the Attorney

Although the lawyer claims himself or herself to be criminal lawyer, you too need to be certain about it. Hiring a lawyer, who has experience in handling criminal cases similar to yours is a wise option. You may also ask them about their total experience in criminal cases, how frequent does he represents anyone charged with criminal charges, whether the lawyer knows the prosecution lawyer, and so on. This will help you evaluate the lawyer as to whether he or she is a ‘good fit’ for your case or not.

Defense Strategy

A lawyer needs to know your case in detail, so that they can decide a strategy for your case, either for prosecution or defense. When you meet the lawyer, make sure you tell him or her all the details of the case. However, do not rush with the information, let him or her ask you the questions and systematically seek the complete case details.

After discussing the case with the lawyer, you need to see what strategy he or she suggests to follow, plead guilty, trying a plea agreement to seek lesser sentence, or plead not guilty and proceed the case to trial. Discuss each of the options, and resulting consequences before selecting a lawyer for your case.

Legal Fee

Be certain about the fee charged by the lawyer. Ask the lawyer, whether he or she charges a flat fee or an hourly fee. Also, get an idea of the legal fees involved in the case, and whether any part of it is included in the lawyer fee.

Trust, Confidence and Reputation

Finally, before you hire a lawyer for your case, see if you find the lawyer to be confident, trustworthy and does he or she possess good reputation in the legal sphere. Seek details from the bar association to verify his reputation.

Searching a good criminal attorney involves many things to consider. The most important of all is that the lawyer is licensed to practice in the area of your concern, and has substantial experience of representing criminal cases. A few things added to the list of ‘things to consider’ are discussed in this article.

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