What are the Safest Investments to Make Right Now?

by Ladyblogger on April 1, 2013

With the stock market continually fluctuating, and contradicting reports coming in from the different government agencies about the economy, it can be quite confusing on where to invest your money. Everyone understands that they should invest, but not many people are sure where to invest their money. While this information is subject to change based on changes in the economy, the following ideas are considered “safe” ways to invest your money for the future.

• T-Bills. Treasury Notes or T-Bills are a very safe form of investment. What you are doing is lending the government money and they agree to repay you that money with interest. T-Bills can be purchased for as little as $25 dollars and can be held for as short of a period as nine months. T-Bill interest rates are very low at this time, however, and you will not see a great rate of return until interest rates begin to rise.

• Stocks. Purchasing stocks provides you with partial ownership in a company. As the value of the company increases, the value of the stock increases. However, there is always a risk for stock fraud. There are companies that provide false information about the performance of their companies in an effort to sell stock. If this occurs, you will need to seek the services of stock fraud lawyers to reclaim your investment.

• Mutual Funds. A mutual fund is a group of stocks that are sold together as one investment. These funds can range in very low risk to very high. Deciding which mutual funds to invest into will require you to research the fund and its performance and balance it against its risk.

• Real Estate. The recent recession has made real estate investments very lucrative for people interested in investing for a long period of time. There are many distressed properties available on the market that can easily be purchased and turned into rentals. In some areas of the country, distressed properties are selling over 50 percent below conventional pricing. However, if you make real estate purchases outside of your immediate area, you will need to enlist the services of a property management company to assist with the rental.

• Local Businesses. Many small businesses are looking for angel investors to help them launch their idea. These can be a bit risky, but they can also pay off very well if the start-up is a success. You can invest a little, or perhaps fund the entire project. Research the business and their plan well before making your decision.

There are many ways in which you can invest your money to create a secure financial future for yourself. If you are not familiar with investing, either research anything you are considering thoroughly before you invest, or consult with a financial adviser.

Of course, as with any type of venture, investing is also a risk. There is always the possibility that you will lose money or that the investment will not perform as planned. Never invest more money than you can risk losing, and always make sure that you track your investments closely.

Anthony Joseph is a freelance author who enjoys discussing a wide range of topics, and is contributing this article to help spread the word on these investment opportunities. The stock fraud lawyers of Page Perry are very experienced at representing victims of these types of cases. Suffering investment losses as a result of stock fraud can be a very painful and terrible thing to go through.

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