The Similarities and Differences Between Defense and Prosecution Attorneys

by Legal Author on December 20, 2012

(Guest post from a US author regarding the comparison between defense and prosecution attorneys)

While some of the differences between defense and prosecution attorneys can be minimal, there are some major exceptions. These exceptions are more prominent in the salary and caseload categories. There are also some similarities between the defense and prosecution attorneys as well.

The education requirement for both types of attorneys are generally the same. They both require the same amount of schooling and passing the bar exam.

There are two kinds of defense attorney. They can be expected to make between $32,000 and $200,000 per year depending on whether they are a public defender or are self employed. There are three kinds of prosecuting attorneys. These are city, state, and district attorneys and can be expected to make between $19,000 and $248,000 per year. As you can see, there is a much wider salary range for prosecuting attorneys.

The caseload maximums for persecuting and defense attorneys vary, as well. While each of them are allowed up to 150 felony cases per year, the number of misdemeanor cases differ. For defenders, there is also a caseload maximum for juvenile court cases as well as mental health act cases per year.

This Defense Vs. Persecution infographic goes into greater detail and lists other items of interest.

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