Tennessee DUI Bill Aims to Reduce DUI Arrests

by ParkmanLawFirm on April 29, 2013

Last year the Tennessee Department of Safety reported that there were 28,735 DUI arrests which rank the state 11th in drunk driving fatalities.  According to the Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving(MADD), one third of those arrests were repeat offenders.

So what is being done to combat this problem with repeat DUI offenders?

Currently, a new piece of legislature is awaiting Governor Bill Haslam’s signature that would strengthen the current ignition interlock law.  The bill would require this system for first time offenders and also lower the intoxication rate that requires it from .15 to .08.  Lawmakers believe that it could result in 10,000 more drivers using the safe guard on their vehicle.  The new law would also require a camera attachment which would ensure the person taking the test is the person to should be taking it.

According to the MADD, the installation of these devices reduces the rate of repeat offenses by more than 60 percent.  The hope is that the re-arrest rate will continue to drop with the new law now requiring first time offenders to install the device.  In the state of Tennessee, there have been around 7.670 ignition locks ordered since 2011 which is only about a quarter of the number of individuals that have been convicted of DUI’s.

Offenders would be required to pay for these devices, which cost around $1,000 per year, themselves.  They normally have them installed for between six months to a year.  Critics worry that some offenders will forfeit their license instead of paying for the new device, and still continue to drive even without a license.

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