Some Facts about Criminal Law Everyone Must Know

There are many laws made to protect and govern society. One of the most prominent and talked about laws is the criminal law. Every crime has criminal components. There is capital punishment for the most serious crimes. The punishments are imprisonment for some years or for lifetime. Death sentence is another form of punishment. There are lighter punishments like monetary fines and paroles. There are 5 retributions which are widely accepted in law enforcement. It is also called penal law. Examples of criminal acts are assault, murder, fraud and theft. There are a few processes which are followed by the law. First the suspect is arrested on the basis of some evidence. After that a trial is arranged in court. The suspect is judged and if found guilty they are punished. There are 5 objectives of criminal law. They are stated below.

Criminal Law Deals with Crimes like Murder, Extortion, Trespassing
Objectives of Criminal Law:


It means criminals must suffer for what they have done. This is the goal which is most widely seen in the law. It is based on the principle of equality. Criminals have treated the victim unfairly and caused pain. So now they should face the same treatment for their crime. The law gives people some rights. If people misuse those laws then they are punished for that act by the law.


There are two types of deterrence. They are Individual deterrence and general deterrence. Individual deterrence is used to discourage the individual offender to do any crimes. General Deterrence is aimed at the whole society. When the offenders are punished other potential offenders are discouraged.


This objective of criminal Law has one simple goal. It keeps the criminals away from society. This way the general public is protected from their misdeeds. These are achieved by prison sentences, death penalty or banishment.


It aims at transforming criminals into good citizens. The primary goal of it is preventing further offense by these criminals. They are convinced that what they did was wrong and they should live properly.


This is a punishment which is there to benefit the victim. The primary goal is restoring the victim’s financial or social position. The criminal must give financial or any other resource to the victims to restore their previous state. It is used with the other goals stated above.

Some Criminal Laws:

Fatal Offence:

Crimes such as murder are a fatal offence. It is an unlawful killing. In many jurisdiction murder is divided into many degrees depending on its severity. For example murder of first degree is based on intent.  There are other types of murders like involuntary Manslaughter such as an accident. It is considered a lesser variety of crime. Cause there was no intent. But the offender may be punished for his or her reckless behavior.

Property Offenses and Organized Crime:

Properties are also protected by criminal law. Trespassing, embezzlement, conversion, theft, robbery and other offenses comes under criminal law. Also organized crimes such as smuggling and extortion come under this law. If you are in Phuket and are a victim of one of these crimes then you can contact a reputed Lawyer in Phuket to get justice.

There are always two sides of a coin. Sometimes it is seen that an innocent is framed by the real criminal. So at that time contacting a reputed defense lawyer can definitely help the innocent and the victim to get justice.

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