Drinking And Holidays: Not A Good Mix If You’re Driving

by Ladyblogger on November 16, 2012

(U.S. Law) The holiday season brings a lot of people together, and this naturally causes alcohol to flow more freely than it usually does. Everything from the night before Thanksgiving, which is widely known as the biggest drinking night of the year, to holiday parties will make alcohol very accessible, and many people seem to look at the holidays as a built-in excuse to drink excessively. Although there is nothing wrong with letting loose sometimes and enjoying a holiday event, it is vital to ensure that you take the proper steps to protect yourself. After all, it is never a wise decision to drive while you are drunk.

The police place a major emphasis on busting drunk drivers during the holiday season because it is so common for people to become intoxicated during that time of year. In fact, many police departments specifically budget in a larger police presence on the roads during the long Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s weekends. If you are on the roads during this time, especially in a major area, you are likely to encounter checkpoints and a much more visible police presence.

Is the Increased Police Presence Necessary?

According to data that has been released by the Virginia Department of Transportation, the amount of accidents and fatalities that is caused during Thanksgiving weekend is very disproportionate to the rest of the year. For example, there is an average of three traffic fatalities per day in Virginia, but an average of four people will die per day during the long Thanksgiving weekend. A fatality increase of 25 percent is huge, and it definitely justifies the increased police presence that Virginia motorists will encounter.

In addition to saving lives, the police will also be looking to increase their city’s revenue. After all, the average cost of a DUI conviction is $10,000, and a significant portion of that money will be paid to the city. Therefore, it is worth the increased police budget during specific time frames because even a couple of DUI arrests will pay for each officer’s time and still provide a profit to the city.

How Can I Avoid a DUI?

According to our Arlington DUI Attorney, there is only one surefire way to avoid a DUI conviction: do not drink and drive. While this might seem like an obvious answer, it is amazing how many people do not make advance plans that will protect them in the event that they become intoxicated. Although some people certainly do not intend to drink as much as they do, everyone should have a contingency plan to help them avoid a DUI conviction. Before you go out for the evening, you should either secure a designated driver or you should put the number for a local taxi company into your cell phone. Even though it might seem like it takes some of the spontaneity from the evening to take these steps, it is better to take precautions than to end up dead or in jail.

Each person metabolizes alcohol differently, and many factors such as the amount of food you have eaten that day can change how quickly you get drunk. Therefore, it is possible for someone to become legally intoxicated after just one drink. No matter how much you have to drink, it is always best to leave your car keys in your pocket and get a ride home from someone else.

Anthony Joseph is a freelance writer, and a contributing author for The Wilson Law Firm. An Arlington DUI Attorney defense firm, Wilson Law has constructed their website to provide information to assist the public in DUI defense. If you’ve recently been arrested for drinking and driving, you need a lawyer who is equipped with the specific knowledge and experience to win your case.

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