How to protect your ID: 4 Practical Tips

by jonaspatrick on April 20, 2013

The internet revolution has taken everything online and there is a rising concern for security provided for online transactions and material. The developing technology has shunned the traditional practices of black and white and resorted to electronic media. Even the money matters have been passed over to plastic cards, with ease of transactions experienced at every level. This tremendous reformation has given a scope to rising forms of modern day crimes. One of the daunting concerns is Identity Theft.

To gain the riches and the luxuries, many of the goons have resorted to an easy measure to forge identities of other individuals. The practice is prevalent in cases of plastic money and identity theft done to exploit the financial credibility. To safeguard you against identity theft, a number of social enthusiasts have posted informative content – some convincing, some abstruse. After doing a considerable research, here are the tips which I believe would be helpful for protection against identity theft.

Tip 1: Do not leave financial or personal information lying unclaimed in house

To protect my id, I would never leave any of my credentials and banking information around the dinner table. Most of the times, identity thieves are your close ones, and it’s always advisable to hide this sensitive information from everyone.

Tip 2: Never reply to emails posting offers and lotteries won and secure your computer

This is the most  frequently and widely used instrument of identity theft. To protect my id, I never respond to any of the promotional emails. Safe practice is to mark them spam and not worry about it. Use a good antivirus and have your PC password protected.

Tip 3: Review your bank statements and credit reports at regular intervals of time

Fraudsters persistently rely on doing plastic cards thefts meticulously by blocking the transaction updates provided by banks. Hence, I feel it is necessary to review your transactions every 3 months to check for any unfamiliar transaction.

Tip 4: Use a professional service to safeguard your identity

It may be taxing on your pocket, but use of professional identity protection services, for instance ones provided by, are totally worth the value. To protect my id, they help me secure my computer, credit cards and credentials, with back up and accidental control measures provided when necessary.



Jonas Patrick is the experts in identity theft protection services and working with KeepmyID .Org. He always shares tips and steps on identity theft prevention and protection.

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