Business owner indicted in Wire Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

by ParkmanLawFirm on August 19, 2013

Raymond Christopher Reggie, a business owner in Mandeville, is now facing federal fraud allegations for the second time in the last eight years.  In an indictment released last Wednesday, Reggie was accused of five counts of wire fraud and six counts of money laundering in a scheme that allegedly ran from January 2009 until July 2012.

According to the indictment, Reggie allegedly used his advertising agency to steal more than $1.1 million from car dealerships.  Victims of the scheme include members of Super Chevy Dealers of Baton Rougue and Supreme Automotive Group.  Reggie’s advertising firm was identified in the indictment as “The Research Department d/b/a Nexlevel Group.”

According to United States Attorney Walt Green, this case was investigated by the Internal Revenue Service.

In September, Raymond Reggie was booked by the St. Tammany Parish Sherrif’s Office for allegedly keeping $600,000 that had been paid by his clients for advertising that was never purchased.  That case is still pending.

Reggie also pleaded guilty in 2005 to one count of conspiracy to commit bank frauds that cost Hibernia National Bank of New Orleans over $3.4 million.  He was sentenced in that case to 12 months and one day in prison by United States District Judge Carl J. Barbier in New Orleans.  Judge Barbier also ordered Reggie to pay full restitution to both victims.

In 2002 Reggie was approached by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who were looking into allegations that he committed bank fraud.  He was not immediately charged and he began cooperating in an investigation of David Rosen.  Rosen was Hilary Clinton’s key fundraiser in her successful campaign to become a United States senator.

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