The Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers

by Penny Cooper on October 3, 2012

Being charged of robbery when the accused is not at fault can be a harrowing and traumatic experience. This is where a criminal attorney emerges out to offer help. Criminal law is a successful and a rewarding career option that provides you with a lot of challenges and opportunities to move further. There are many law schools, which help aspiring lawyers to take pride in displaying their skills and expertise in this field.


How criminal lawyers can help


Theft is a very common crime and criminal lawyers can easily provide help in cases of robberies where the victim accuses someone of having committed the crime without definite evidences. The accused, in such a scenario, can seek help from a theft criminal lawyer to fight for their rights and avail protection. Even if there had been an unfortunate situation where the accused was caught in the act, unintentionally, the criminal lawyer must provide help after getting a detailed understanding of the situation.


Roles and responsibilities of criminal lawyers


A criminal lawyer plays an extremely important role in defending clients. As a criminal lawyer, you are expected to perform certain duties when confronted with a case where an accused needs help to regain his identity and liberty:


  1. Gather as much information as possible from the victim who has been robbed. If possible, visit the place to collect proof or any other valuable information that could strengthen your case. Talk to the witnesses present, if any, and collect any information they provide. You could also work extensively on collecting evidence if required without involving any of these. This way, you cannot let any of them manipulate your information.


  1. As a criminal attorney you must focus on all aspects of the case. Even if your defendant is at fault, this will have to be presented to them smartly and you should suggest measures to tackle the problem.


  1. A criminal lawyer should be fully aware of individual’s rights and emphasize on the same when dealing with clients of the opposing party.


  1. A criminal lawyer may be expected to appear at the court a number of times. This should be done by them promptly and the client also needs to be updated on the proceedings of the court.


  1. A criminal defense lawyer explains the punishment of the crime in detail to his client and works out methods in obtaining a fair conviction to both the parties.


  1. A criminal attorney should be able to judge the situation and be sharp to identify and relate to situations and come up with strategies to support the case.


  1. The work hours of a criminal lawyer can be very fluctuating and dynamic based on the cases and situations. They should be mentally prepared to tackle this strain and offer their best.



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