Criminal Defense Attorneys: What Their Job Demands

A criminal defense attorney is someone who represents the criminal and helps him through his trial. Anyone who has had to go through a bad experience involving court rooms and prison would be well aware of the duties of a criminal defense attorney. Most of these attorneys work at state or local level and are appointed through the system for criminals without a lawyer. The job is to get the accused a fair trial and to make sure that he stays on track when on parole.

Private criminal defense attorneys have to be hired and a person has to pay for them on his own unless he is working with a non-profit organization. Most of the criminals get a state lawyer as it is free. The attorney tells the accused all his rights and thoroughly discusses with him the entire event and advices him not to be untruthful as it will only complicate the case.

What Is The Main Job Of An Attorney

The most important thing that a criminal attorney does is that he tries his best to reduce the punishment of his client, he tries to reason the actions of his clients and also he takes a keen interest in the case. It is the duty of a criminal attorney to investigate the event, to talk to all the people related to the case, the witnesses, people close to the accused and the detectives who handled the case.

He also has to do all the necessary paper work for the individual. He tries to find loop holes through whichhe can get his client as less time in the prison as possible, or drop the charges completely. Even when a person is on parole or probation it is the duty of the attorney to keep track of his activities and to make sure that he is not doing anything against the law. He is supposed to give full report of the behavior and activities of the accused person and has to report it immediately if the person is out of line. He gets paid by the accused if he is a private attorney but if he works with the state or with a non-profit organization, his money comes from there.

How Much Do They Get Paid

This depends entirely on where a person works and how experienced he is in his work. Attorneys with more experience often get more pay than attorneys who are new to the profession. It all depends on the credibility of the attorney. Attorneys working for the state get approximately $103,000 yearly in Chicago, Illinois while in Atlanta, Georgia the pay is $95,000 each year. It is mostly based on the kind of case that has to be handled and what standing the lawyer has in the society. If the attorney is credible and has a lot of experience with court affairs then the pay would be higher. Also the pay increases or decreases with respect to the place of work, a self employed attorney is bound to get more pay than a district attorney or someone hired by a private firm.

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