The Fallout From Hip Replacement Recalls

by gclatworthy on January 12, 2013

[US law and general] In the past year, the failure of various hip replacement components has become one of the most major medical and legal concerns for orthopedic professionals and lawyers alike. For example, metal on metal implants are known to corrode and cause toxins to be released into the body, causing a great deal of pain, swelling, tissue damage and inflammation. Because of this, patients are required to have costly and painful revision surgery to correct the situation. 

Court Cases

As a result of the many issues with replacement components and many companies issuing a hip replacement recall, the court system has become inundated with numerous lawsuits in order for plaintiffs to claim compensation for damages, pain and suffering and increased medical expenses.

Approximately 20,000 patients have been fitted with the Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II modular neck stem hip implants. As a result of the high number of complaints, the company issued a recall in 2012. Biomet is another firm that has a number of very large metal on metal implant lawsuits pending in the federal court system. DePuy Pinnacle, DePuy ASR and Zimmer Durom are other companies also embroiled in numerous hip replacement legal cases.

The Effect on the Medical Industry

Medical authorities have estimated that up to a quarter million patients require or have hip replacement surgery annually. Approximately one third of these patients have received metal on metal component hip replacements. Due to the shear depth and breadth of the resultant lawsuits, economists and medical industry experts have indicated that there will be a huge economic fallout that stems directly from the faulty hip prostheses.

Because of this, medical expenses for many aspects of medical care may rise, such as those for basic insurance premiums, office visits and many other cost centers.  In addition, it is likely that malpractice insurance premiums may rise as well. All of these costs could have a negative impact on the profession, as well as all members of insurance plans.

Confidential Case Reviews

Legal experts advise that a large number of people who received metal on metal or other faulty hip replacement devices may actually be unaware of them. Therefore, anyone who has received a hip replacement device should check with their physician to find out which type it is. Any individual who believe they may have a faulty hip replacement device should contact a personal injury lawyer specializing in hip replacement litigation to learn how to file a claim to receive the compensation that they are entitled to receive.

Anyone fitted with one of these devices is urged to see their doctors, especially should there be any discomfort or complications, in addition, it is also advisable for these individuals to consult with hip replacement attorneys as soon as possible. There are some patients who have received letters from doctors notifying them that the Stryker hip implants have been recalled. Any individual who has received such a letter is also encouraged to contact a lawyer specializing in these cases to learn about how to protect their legal rights.

Georgina Clatworthy is a legal writer who regularly posts on topics relating to accidents and injuries.  Steinger, Iscoe and Green have helped many clients following a hip replacement recall to claim compensation after finding they need painful corrective surgery.  Anyone who is concerned about their hip implants is urged to consult with their surgeon immediately, and seek legal advice if their implant is deemed defective.

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