Technical advancements to prevent car accidents

There are car accidents which occur due to technical faults in the vehicle, road debris, weather conditions and animals on the road. However, the majority of car accidents occur due to driver negligence and human error.

With developments in modern technology, several improvements have been created to “protect drivers from themselves” and to reduce the risk of a car accident from occurring.

For example, in-built proximity monitors will notify you if you have approached the car in front of you too closely. It will also automatically regulate your speed so that the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you is increased.

Similarly, drifting monitors will notify you when you get too close to the markers that separate lanes. In addition, sobriety monitors are used to detect whether the driver has been using alcohol. If the driver breathes into the sobriety monitor device, it will detect alcohol and lock the car, preventing it from starting.

However, these are all relatively new developments and many cars still do not have them. It is therefore crucial to be attentive and careful at all times to avoid car accidents risks from occurring.

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