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Claiming Compensation for Professional Negligence in the UK

by Tim Bishop May 30, 2014 Claims Solicitors

In our everyday lives we come into contact with professionals all of the time -ranging from medical professionals like doctors or dentists to other professionals like surveyors or accountants. Most people working in these occupations are diligent at all times, but it is unfortunately a fact that sometimes things simply go wrong. When something does […]

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Personal Injury Law Firms Urged to ‘Adapt or Die’

by Matthew Waterfield December 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Several recent news stories indicate that personal injury law firms are not adapting quick enough to the need for new forms of marketing to replace sources of cases lost due to the referral fee ban of April 2013, despite the fact that they have money to invest. These firms could be placing themselves at risk […]

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What Makes You Eligible to Claim for Medical Negligence?

by Ben Isaacs October 24, 2013 Claims Solicitors

Although the standard of healthcare in the UK is extremely high, and the NHS is something which we have long been proud of, regrettably things do sometimes go wrong, and the level of care given slips. For those who have experienced harm at the hands of a trusted healthcare practitioner – NHS or private – […]

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Health and safety – the risks posed by forklift trucks

by Tim Bishop October 10, 2013 Claims Solicitors

There is extensive health and safety regulation surrounding the use of forklift trucks as well as numerous guidelines provided from the Health and Safety Executive. Employers also receive a great deal of support from trade organisations such as the National Plant Operators Scheme and the Industrial Truck Trainers. Given all of this guidance combined with […]

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Equestrian accident claims for compensation

by Tim Bishop August 23, 2013 Claims Solicitors

Horse riding is a hugely popular activity enjoyed by millions of people each year in the United Kingdom. It is also inevitably, involving as it does a large, unpredictable animal, a far from risk-free activity. Most of the people who engage in equestrian activities are aware, from training or experience, of those risks and take […]

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Dangerous Dog Food: Recalls

by Andrew Miller July 31, 2013 Blawg

When there is a “food scare”, we usually hear about it as soon as it grabs the media’s attention; the same goes for other defective products.  More often than not, however, it takes more than just a small handful of people to be injured, sickened, or killed by a defective product.  When was the last […]

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The consequences of an injury when working at height

by Tim Bishop July 17, 2013 Accident Claims

The average human body is usually robust and resilient enough to survive the physical knocks and bumps to be expected in life relatively unscathed. However falls from height in course of employment are unfortunately of a different magnitude altogether and usually not expected – and the combination of the initial shock, the fall distance and […]

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The Jillings Report: Abuse in care homes confirmed

by Farleys Solicitors July 10, 2013 Claims Solicitors

Abuse in North Wales care homes has hit the headlines again this week after the release of The Jillings Report. The report, which investigated the physical and sexual abuse that was taking place in over forty care homes in the north Wales area, was only published at the beginning of July, despite having been written […]

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Dangerous chemicals and common causes of accidents at work

by Tim Bishop July 4, 2013 Accident Claims Law

Working with dangerous chemicals holds the potential to be one of the most hazardous undertakings imaginable, were it not for the fact that thankfully it is also one of the most comprehensively regulated areas of employment in the UK. When an employer effectively engages with their legal health and safety duties and takes the necessary […]

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Claiming compensation for a broken thigh

by Tim Bishop July 2, 2013 Accident Claims

No single bone in the human body is bigger or stronger than the femur, the bone in the thigh. In order to break this particular bone, an enormous amount of force is needed and it is therefore unsurprising that the most common caused of femur fractures are road traffic accidents which can cause blunt trauma […]

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