Prompt Service: Is it the Key to Customer Loyalty?

by edralyn on February 22, 2013


Companies from every industry are constantly involved in determining the best ways to keep customers loyal and satisfied. Social media has made it easier than ever for information to travel quickly. This is both good and bad news if you’re a business owner.

On one hand, if you can consistently deliver excellent service, word will spread and it should be easier to enjoy a perpetually profitable business. However, statistics have also shown that it doesn’t take much for people to experience something that causes them to take their patronage elsewhere. The American Express credit card company released a study called the Global Customer Service Barometer, which found that 78% of consumers decided not to go through with a transaction because they fell victim to poor customer service.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make a strong impression on both your new and existing patrons, particularly if you operate a physical location. Keep reading for more details.

Acknowledge Customers Quickly

Since no one likes to be kept waiting, it’s important to greet incoming customers as soon as possible. Although it’s ideal to do so within a few seconds of their arrival, it may be hard to meet that goal, especially if you have a small staff.

Solve that issue in a budget-friendly way by installing an entrance alert system. Many options are activated by motion, so you can hear a person’s arrival right away. It might not seem like much, but people really appreciate it when someone takes the time to acknowledge their presence and offer a warm greeting.

Get To the Heart of the Issue

Quick service is certainly an integral part of keeping customers happy, at least in terms of letting them know that you’ve noticed their arrival. However, listening to problems, answering questions and offering suggestions are all part of creating a memorable customer service experience, too.

If someone feels rushed and like you’re only interested in getting them out the door so you can help the next customer, you’ll instantly sacrifice any admiration that you may have gained with a speedy acknowledgment.

However, if a person is uncertain about the type of help needed, they make take a while to reveal how they expect you to come to their aid. If necessary, try to keep the conversation on track by focusing on the specific benefits that your company or business offers. Often, this will be all that it takes to gently remind the person to keep things moving forward.

Give Them Something to Remember

Another advantage of installing an alert system is that it can clue you in about a person who’s leaving. This presents a prime opportunity to thank someone for coming, and urge them to stop by again.

Data from a survey conducted by the Gartner Group found that in the business world, 80% of future revenue can come from 20% of current clients. This proves that it’s extremely important to close the deal and make a person glad they chose your business. Your farewell greeting can make a difference in whether a person decides to come back, or look to other options, instead.

Clearly, although the ability to offer prompt service is crucial; it’s not the only factor that can build a loyal customer base. Start today by ensuring that your business is equipped to serve customers as soon as they walk through the door.

Claire Taylor writes articles for several business blogs. Having an entrance alert will provide better customer service and help to improve your business.

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