Helping Ease Divorce Tensions: Why Lawyers Should Partner With Life Coaches

by gclatworthy on March 28, 2013

Divorce is more than just a legal proceeding, it is an emotional roller coaster combined with court dates and legal documents. Divorce attorneys know how difficult it can be to have two people in the same office that feel nothing but contempt for each other. They also know how devastated their clients can be, especially if the divorce was a shock.

Seeing a client in a state of despair takes its emotional toll on the attorney as well. It can make the case more difficult to process because one party is simply not emotionally stable enough to deal with the proceedings. Knowing this, an attorney is left helpless. Or are they?

Partnering With A Life Coach

A life coach is an individual that is professionally trained in many areas of everyday life. They may specialize in domestic areas such as relationships and personal growth, financial areas such as retirement goals or budgeting, or business areas such as business plans or success road maps. Truthfully, a life coach can provide all of these services and more to individuals who need to take control of their lives.

This ability to help people regain control of their lives is the perfect reason for divorce attorneys to partner with life coaches for their clients. An attorney can recommend a life coach if they see that their client is having difficulties coping with the divorce. Or, perhaps, as part of their divorce services they can offer life coach counseling to their clients. This additional service is not only beneficial to the client, it also shows that the attorney cares about the welfare of their clients.

Helping Divorce Proceedings

In addition, a life coach can help divorce proceedings run more smoothly. Many times the reason that a divorce takes such an extended time frame to complete is because one partner feels the need to hang on to the marriage. Another common reason is revenge. The last reason is because one party simply does not know how to function without their partner.

A life coach can help the suffering party to come to terms with the divorce, make the necessary changes in their life for success, and easily move forward from the divorce. Whether your client needs a life coach San Jose or Idaho based, these mentors can help them to see and understand what steps they must take to get on with their lives and come out the other side of the divorce renewed.

In the end, many attorneys may not realize how beneficial this service will be to their future earnings. Divorce attorneys, in most cases, also handle all forms of family law. A client that feels that they were helped in a manner that was above the call of duty by an attorney will return for additional services. They will also spread the word about the attorney and their firm, generating more business. Divorce is hard. It does not matter if the marriage lasted 6 months or 30 years. It is even harder when there are children involved. Making the process easier by looking out for the welfare of your client is beneficial to all. 

As a former legal editor, author Georgina Clatworthy has written extensively about divorce and family law issues. Noomii(dot)com offers a referral service to those looking for just the right coach. Whether it’s a life coach in San Jose or a Toronto based business coach, this directory customizes your search for the guidance you need.

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