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by Bill Kilpatrick on June 12, 2012

Many in the legal profession have yet to consider marketing their services online. Some do not fully understand the Internet’s role in how modern consumers shop for not only goods, but professional services as well. Other attorneys appreciate the Internet’s significance, if only because they realize competing firms are well positioned online. At the same time, they are often unsure of how to get started when it comes to their own online presence.

Creating a website was once a difficult and expensive task, usually requiring a significant investment for hiring designers, programmers, hosting, and other costs. Although modern web development may still cost tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars or more, especially for complex and interactive projects, it is now affordable for all law firms to have a website of some kind. Sure, incorporating things like video, flash animation, and other media will increase costs, but a basic site is within the budget of most firms.

Although it has become popular in many different industries, blogging is especially prominent in law. From a marketing standpoint, it is quite effective for criminal law firms because it acts as a “net” to capture interest from those searching for information. Because consumers go online for answers now more than ever, those needing legal help might start by entering their questions into a search engine. When your law firm has a blog that is properly configured, visitors might reach your content if it is relevant to their needs.

Blogging has seen a major growth in interest over the past few years, among not only attorneys but with law students and professors as well. It is worth considering for a few reasons:

  • Cost – Blogging is an inexpensive form of communication when compared to the alternatives. Although you might want to consider hiring a web developer to get your blog started, both initial and ongoing costs are usually low.
  • Scalable – You need not launch your firm’s criminal law blog with hundreds of pages worth of content; that would be missing the point. Blogging is great because it gives you an opportunity to create and share content regularly, developing a following with your readers and gradually bolstering your online presence over time.
  • Setting Your Firm Apart – Ask yourself “What makes us different from our competitors?” After you have established some defining characteristics, now ask yourself “How are we conveying these strengths to our potential clients?”

Blogging can be a great way to target potential clients in your area. For example, you could write a blog post about a particular law in your city, how it affects local residents, and the legal implications. By putting some thought into your posts, you are creating something useful for the reader. Although you should make it clear that your blog is for informational purposes only, you could provide your firm’s contact information in the event the reader needs counsel.

Bill Kilpatrick is the marketing manager at Spotted Frog Design, a Philadelphia-based online marketing company that serves attorneys across the country.

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