Road Accident Sufferer Walks Again After 26 Years

by grandmotherwolf on September 17, 2012

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Sometimes stories about road accidents and personal injury are grim, but not this one. This is a story with a happy ending. In 1986 Mark Hornby suffered catastrophic injuries, which led doctors to believe that he would never walk again. After 26 years he has proved the doctors wrong.

In all started in 1986 when Mark Hornby was attending university in Bradford and was hit by car. He suffered many serious injuries, such as broken legs, and ended up in a coma for 9 months. He also received brain injuries. Over the next few years he was moved between hospitals in Hull, until he eventually moved home.

The doctors told his parents they should put him in a care home, saying he may well be a “vegetable” for the rest of his life. His parents chose against this and tried the best they could.

Mark showed improvement and in 2000 was able to join a martial arts club. At the club he started small, working on his hand strength, and then over time he started to learn how to stand. He can now achieve this, as well as taking several steps.

This is a huge achievement for Mark, and reminds us, how much we all take the things we can do for granted. Mark has proven that victims of devastating injuries can beat the odds and make a remarkable recovery even when the doctors are not hopeful.

What Marks story also tells us is that freak accidents can have a massive effect on one’s life. In cases like this is best to try and receive has much aid as possible, especially financial aid through a service such as Pannone who aim to provide compensation and legal aid for people like Mark.




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