Head-On-Collisions in a No-Fault State: What does the Law Say?

by Ladyblogger September 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Automobile collisions are a serious cause of injuries in America, and statistics show that the average driver in the country will file an auto insurance claim once every 19 years. This means that, regardless of how good of a driver an individual is, they’re likely to be involved in some type of accident. When this […]

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Medication Error? What To Do About Who’s At Fault

by Ladyblogger August 31, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Medication Error? What To Do About Who’s At Fault Medication or prescription error is another form of negligence that is committed by physicians, pharmacists, hospitals and nurses. It’s estimated that approximately 1.5 million individuals in the hospital today are due to a medication errors. The areas can occur in several places such as nursing homes, […]

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Post Accident Behavior: Misbehaving at the Scene Can Affect Your Life

by Ladyblogger August 28, 2013 Accident Claims

Most individuals feel as if they are safe drivers. Even those who engage in unsafe behaviors, such as texting and driving, feel as if they can do so because their driving abilities are above par. Sadly, statistics show that the typical driver will end up filing an auto accident claim once every 19 years, so […]

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When IRS Tax Problems Seem Insurmountable: Is Relief Possible?

by Ladyblogger July 28, 2013 Finance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can seem like a giant monster with uncontrollable issues for a person who may have experienced any kind of tax issues. The simple truth is that a tax problem does not go away. You cannot owe the IRS money and think that they will forget or forgive. In fact, the […]

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Is Your Day Care as Safe as You Think?

by Ladyblogger July 24, 2013 Personal Injury

It is hard enough for parents to leave their children in the care of another person to go to work without having to hear horror stories on the news about child care facilities. Acts of negligence, poor management and training of employees, negligent upkeep of equipment, and health code violations have recently made the headlines […]

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Mass Transit Accidents: Who’s Liable and How to Handle a Claim

by Ladyblogger July 20, 2013 Accident Claims

Mass transit accidents can be complicated cases when many individuals are involved. Of course, even those accidents with just one victim apply as well. It is important to understand that the claimant must able to prove in court that the accident occurred due to the fault of the mass transit agency. Cases can be adjudicated […]

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Fatal Crash: Who Decides if it was Vehicular Homicide?

by Ladyblogger July 9, 2013 Car Accidents

A vehicular homicide charge, also known as vehicular manslaughter in some states, involves killing someone during a traffic accident. However, there are several conditions that must be met before this specific charge can be applied. For example, the responsible driver needs to be found negligent of doing something unlawful that is not considered to be […]

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How Can A DUI Can Affect My Child Custody?

by Ladyblogger July 9, 2013 Car Accidents

Dealing with a DUI can be difficult enough from a financial standpoint, but there are also several other important factors that will have an impact on your life. For example, if you are convicted of a DUI, it is possible that you will lose your job. Although this is definitely a serious consequence, there is […]

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Metal Containing Jewelry Law: The Provisions and Effects

by Ladyblogger July 9, 2013 Business Law

Making jewelry may be a creative endeavor but now there is a legal side to consider before selling it online or in stores in the state of California. California’s Metal-Containing Jewelry Law limits the amount of lead levels in jewelry and mandates that jewelry sellers warn potential customers about jewelry components that contain lead. The […]

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Have Thousands of Dollars To Throw Away? Think Before You DUI

by Ladyblogger July 7, 2013 Car Accidents

The financial and legal consequences that a DUI will cause can be astronomical. In fact, many experts estimate that the true cost of a first-time DUI ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. When you consider how much of a negative impact this will have on your life, it is easy to understand why you should never […]

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