I Received a Target Letter And It’s Not About Shopping… What Now?

by MayberryLawFirm March 12, 2014 Criminal Law

I can’t imagine very much is more terrifying for someone than receiving a letter from a United States Attorney’s Office letting them know they are under the microscope of the Federal government for suspicion of a crime.  Quite frankly, even as a Federal criminal attorney when I hear of this happening there is an element […]

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Florida DUI Manslaughter: Stuck like Chuck?

by MayberryLawFirm December 6, 2012 Accident Claims Law

DUI.  Driving Under the Influence.  OUI, DWI, whatever you want it to be.  Regardless of moniker it typically involves an individual who is three sheets to the wind from imbibing in one to many hot totties at his favorite pub or one who is flying high on his narcotic of choice while driving or in […]

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Cocktail Party Questions Get Answered

by MayberryLawFirm October 22, 2012 Criminal Law

Should I blow?  Does telling the officer you’re speeding home to the bathroom get you out of a ticket?  I got drunk and broke my face when I got dropped while crowd surfing.  Can I sue for that?  I’m on video stealing a car.  Can’t I just say it was my imaginary twin brother? If […]

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