Should the Feds Lower the Blood-Alcohol Level for DWI Arrest?

by KellyK June 11, 2013 Criminal Law

During the past two decades each state in the United States has reduced the blood alcohol content level for legally impaired driving to .08. This was done in concert with a drive by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to reduce the level from a traditional .14 BAC, which was in place for many years. The capacity […]

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Identity Theft: Is Your Tax Refund in Danger?

by KellyK June 10, 2013 Criminal Law

Identity theft has become a very real threat due to the increasingly popularity of the Internet. In fact, more than 13 million people became victims of this crime in 2012, and this number is expected to continue to increase. According to the IRS, at least 650,000 cases of identity theft have occurred during the tax […]

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Trip & Fall in a Parking Lot: Who’s Responsible?

by KellyK June 10, 2013 Trip and Slip Accidents

If you are injured in a trip and fall accident in a parking lot, it is important to make a report and visit your doctor right away. After all, you will need verification that the incident occurred, and you will also need to determine who is responsible for your injury. Therefore, communicating with the business […]

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5 Steps To Follow After An Auto Accident

by KellyK June 3, 2013 Car Accidents

There’s no doubt that a majority of drivers will eventually be involved in an auto accident. In fact, statistically speaking, the average American drivers will file one vehicular accident claim every 19 years. Unfortunately, many people who suffer in these accidents do so because of another driver’s negligence. When this is the case, the victim […]

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When the Police Go Too Far: Protect your Rights

by KellyK May 8, 2013 Personal Injury

When the topic of police brutality is brought up in conversation, the first thing that comes to mind is a police officer using excessive physical force on a suspect. You imagine the officer physically beating the suspect and that the suspect is unable to fight back. This is a very common perception of this type […]

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DWI Has Serious Consequences for Professionals in N.J.

by KellyK May 1, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Getting a DWI conviction may create issues in several areas of your life, and it may also provide your employer with a reason to terminate you. In fact, most employers have a clause in their employee handbook that prohibits you from getting a DWI or engaging in a long list of other illegal activities. Unfortunately, it does not […]

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Stay Out of Court With the Help of a Healthcare Data Center

by KellyK April 11, 2013 Data Protection Law

There’s no doubt that getting into the healthcare field is one of the most promising moves that a person can make. In life there are few certainties, but the necessity of decent medical care will always be one of them. What most people don’t consider, however, is the data privacy compliance requirements that come along with this […]

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