Tax Amnesty Across the Globe

by GuestBlogger June 27, 2013 Tax Law

Introduction As an old saying goes, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Although no one enjoys paying taxes, the right of governments to collect taxes is the basis of society, and all citizens of a nation are forced to pay taxes to support the public benefits that all enjoy. However, many individuals […]

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2007: George Osborne Promised A £1 Million Inheritance Tax Band, What Happened Next?

by GuestBlogger February 26, 2013 Inheritance Tax

At the Conservative party conference in 2007 the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, stood up and promised that anyone fortunate enough to have an estate valued at up to £1 million would not have to pay Inheritance Tax; this week any hopes that he would deliver on this promise were dashed. How does […]

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Junior ISA And Inheritance Tax

by GuestBlogger February 26, 2013 Inheritance Tax

Guest post regarding Junior ISAs and IHT. Junior ISAs are a tax efficient way of saving. Neither donors to a JISA or the holder have to pay tax on interest earned. Although the interest earned by a JISA is not subject to income tax, there may still be issues with the Inland Revenue. This is […]

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How to Deal with Injury when driving a Company Car?

by GuestBlogger February 19, 2013 Personal Injury

(Guest blog post) Even though we don’t like to think about it, car crashes occur and company cars are in no way exempt from the problem. In fact, statistics show that although company cars are more inclined to drive on the motorways, where accidents are less frequent; these accidents are by far more serious. Of […]

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Asylum support – and the impact on children

by GuestBlogger December 11, 2012 Immigration Law

A Parliamentary inquiry is looking at whether the existing asylum support system meets the needs of children and young people. The inquiry was launched in October, after concerns were raised that the protection offered by the system had fallen below the intended levels. The asylum support system Section 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration […]

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Action on road safety

by GuestBlogger December 6, 2012 Car Accidents

Guest post regarding Road Safety Week and new research from the ABI. Road Safety Week has recently taken place in the UK, with a number of organisations using the event to highlight particular concerns over the safety of drivers on Britain’s roads. Young driver safety To mark Road Safety Week, the Association of British Insurers […]

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Christmas Safety Procedures and Equipment

by GuestBlogger December 4, 2012 Personal Injury

Every Christmas holiday season, both fire departments and medical personnel go out on an increased amount of calls. The biggest dangers are falls and electrocutions from putting up Christmas lights as well as fires caused by cooking and improperly used or maintained Christmas decorations. Unnecessary tragedy is faced by families during what is supposed to […]

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Tax Evasion and its Consequences

by GuestBlogger November 19, 2012 Tax evasion

(Guest blog post regarding tax evasion and its consequences) Tax evasion has become a huge problem. Greece was and still is in peril because of this. And this problem is rampant in most other countries, be it first world or third. Basically, an individual/ company/ organization that do not pay their right dues in taxes […]

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The Origins of Auction Etiquette

by GuestBlogger November 19, 2012 Commercial Law

Overview Auctions offer a highly organized method to sell goods quickly while maximizing the value of the items. Complex, eloquent auction etiquette has developed over time. Today, when we think of auctions, we think of a bid-happy crowd of spectators enthusiastically watching the auctioneer, who speaks with exceptional speed and command. Though auction styles vary […]

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High-net worth migration: UK Tier 1 (Investor) Visa or Australian Investor Visa?

by GuestBlogger November 6, 2012 Immigration Law

Post by Richmond Chambers. If you are a high-net-worth individual and you are considering relocating overseas, then both the United Kingdom and Australia offer attractive investor visa programmes that may allow you to enter, remain and achieve permanent resident status on the basis of a substantial financial investment.  There are, however, key differences between the […]

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