Solicitors in Norwich warn residents over door-to-door solicitors

by GordonDean July 11, 2013 Law

It has recently been brought to attention that there has been a great rise in door-to-door solicitors in the UK. This is worrying as there have been multiple cases of individuals paying a significantly larger amount than what they should be paying as fraudsters and unregulated salesmen take advantage of the innocent. Norwich Solicitors Gordon […]

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Children Are More Vulnerable to Asbestos Than Adults Over Their Lifetime

by GordonDean June 20, 2013 Environmental Law

It has recently been argued, by the committee on carcinogenicity, that children are now more vulnerable to asbestos than adults over their lifetime as a result of their longer life expectancy.  From this comes a shocking statistic; a five year old child is much more likely than a thirty year old adult to develop the […]

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£4 billion could potentially be generated for the charity sector if solicitors simply asked those writing a will to leave a donation

by GordonDean June 16, 2013 Private Client

It has been revealed that £4 billion could potentially be generated for the charity sector if solicitors simply asked those writing a will to leave a donation to a charity. The Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team have discovered that when solicitors mentioned the idea of leaving money to charity during the will writing process, the […]

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Norwich Solicitors Take Part in Free Wills Month

by GordonDean May 14, 2013 Law

Over £170,000 was raised during Free Wills Month at Gordon Dean Solicitors in Norwich. The Free Wills Month campaign brings together various well-known charity organisations to give people aged 55 and over the chance to have their wills written or updated free of charge by using a range of participating solicitors in a range of […]

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Thinking about Making a Claim? Advice from Personal Injury Solicitors Norfolk

by GordonDean April 16, 2013 Accident Claims

The personal Injury Solicitors of Norfolk are here to make sure that if you have an accident or suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, and could have been avoided through due responsibility from a third party, that you are appropriately compensated. I’m a personal injury solicitor from Norfolk and I believe it is your […]

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Advice From Norwich Solicitors: An Introduction to Will Creation

by GordonDean April 9, 2013 Estate Planning

Having your will made up, while not the most cheerful of tasks, is an essential part of life. If you’re embarking on making a will, you’ve come to the right place for some sound advice. At my Norwich solicitors firm we try and help our clients save money, and protect your loved ones should the worst occur. […]

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Solicitors Comment: Avoiding Discrimination in the Recruitment Process

by GordonDean February 21, 2013 Employment Law

Discrimination. Equal Opportunities. Rights. Words we hear often in the world of HR, but what is the legal stance on these issues? At Gordon Dean Solicitors Great Yarmouth we think that often, it may seem that it has gone too far, but generally these are simply myths, the law is quite clear on the issue […]

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A Norwich Solicitor’s View: The Pros and Cons of George Osborne’s Shares for Rights Scheme

by GordonDean February 12, 2013 Compromise Agreements

Chancellor George Osborne’s initiative announced at the Conservative Party Conference earlier this month would allow employees to swap some of their employment rights for shares in the company they are working for. Mr Osborne announced that if deemed effective, the policy would be implemented by April 2013. In a nutshell, employees would create a hybrid […]

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