Why you should file an accident claim?

by waltervedra on June 4, 2013

Why you should file an accident claim?

You’ve been injured and you know it wasn’t your fault. You think you may be entitled to compensation, but you are not sure how to go about it. You might not know that a compensation claim company can help you ensure firstly, that your claim qualifies, and secondly that you win the due compensation for your injury.

You need legal experts who understand the process

Compensation injury claim law covers a wide range of legal specialities. An accident can happen to anyone, anywhere. In Britain, around 3 million accidents take place every year and claims companies respond to thousands of enquiries from potential claimants for compensation from accidents at work, on the roads, in a public place, or on a sporting holiday or trip. A claim company can:

Check your claim qualifies

Ensure you start your claim within the statutory period

Give you an estimate of what your claim might be worth

Negotiate the settlement on your behalf

You need a proper evaluation so you don’t accept an offer that is too low
In the case of road traffic injury claims including car accident claims, for example, you may get a call directly from the insurance company offering a sum of money, and you may not be aware that they are offering a low amount. You have more problems to deal with than simply your claim, so a compensation claim expert can take the worry away from you. Other problems can arise from the nature of the injuries. Some injuries such as Whiplash and concussion, muscle and ligament damage, and spinal problems take time to show. Whilst preparing your claim, you should take care to have proper medical evaluation and treatment. Your claim company will state the case for your future needs, if applicable, when the claim is made.

Negotiation and settlement
The majority of claims for injury compensation awards are settled quickly, out of court. If ‘an offer to settle’ is agreed between the two parties, then there is no need to go to court, but if the parties can’t agree, then your solicitor will advise and consider the pros and cons of going to court.  Claiming for injury compensation is a specialist business which requires technical skill and experience. It is generally recommended to find a law firm with the right skills to handle the process on your behalf.




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