The Dangers of Crane Collapse

by CarlosSantiago on January 5, 2013

(US Law) Construction sites are often equipped with a wide range of different forms of equipment and have safety protocols in place in order to ensure the well-being of workers and all those who may come into contact with the site. Both legal requirements and the self-interest of those in charge of construction projects often work together to ensure that as few accidents as possible occur. Nevertheless, accidents can and do happen, and the sad fact is that the underlying cause is often reckless or negligent conduct on the parts of those entrusted with ensuring the safety of others.

One of the most serious potential problems posed by construction work sites is the possibility of a crane collapse. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the government agency which is charged with maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for employees in the United States, has identified the prevention of crane collapse as a priority in recognition of the serious dangers it can pose.

Most people are generally aware of the potential for damage that crane collapse can cause, but they may not fully understand the exact nature of the various potential problems that these accidents can pose. Therefore, it may be useful to offer a brief summary of the specific dangers associated with crane collapse:

  • Falling objects – crane collapse, either partial or complete, typically involves heavy objects falling from high elevations, which can cause crushing injuries and/or fatalities.
  • Elevated falls – workers who are trapped in the upper parts of a crane when it collapses can suffer serious injuries in the fall.
  • Gas and/or electric lines – crane collapse can cause gas and/or electric lines on the site to be severed, potentially exposing workers and others to deadly gases or electric shock.

Those who suffer injuries as a result of these or other crane collapse dangers may be entitled to pursue compensation for their resulting losses. A construction accident lawyer can often help to explain the exact legal rights and options available to those in these types of situations.




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