Solid Claims: 5 Things to Discuss With Your Attorney About Your Accident Claim

by Legal Author on September 2, 2018

You’ve seen all the ads everywhere for accident attorneys right? So you know there’s plenty out there and how to find them. What next though? What are some things you need to stay on top of to ensure a good settlement?

You need to know what you’re doing so that nothing is left on the table in these situations. Here are 5 things to discuss with your injury attorney.

  1. Any Evidence You Can Provide

Obviously you are going to need to discuss exactly what actually happened when the accident occurred. Some people overlook the value of evidence they can provide though. This could be dash cam footage or photos that you took after the accident. At times older photos can clear any disputes on what damage occurred during this accident too.

Have a thorough discussion with your attorney about what might be useful and what you could provide. It can all help with building a watertight case.

  1. Details of Any Discussions/Statements

Whatever conversation took place between yourself and other people in the accident could affect the outcome in court. Likewise statements and comments to law enforcement or insurance agents could also have an impact.

Be sure both you and your attorney have the same level of information in this area so you don’t get blindsided. It’s better to be aware of any risks so you can prepare a contingency plan.

  1. Your Attorneys Experience in the Field

When hiring an accident attorney, you want a solid claim, right? So it’s important to understand your attorney and what they bring to the table. Are they specialized in this specific area? Have they been in the game for long, and what have their results been like?

Working in a specific area gives certain firms advantages over others. For example, Coye Law Firm specializes in the Orlando area, where high levels of tourist traffic cause higher accident rates. They have experience in that specific area, while other firms may specialize in other locations, types of accident, or types of claim.

  1. Coverage

Insurance coverage requirements can vary state to state, and of course individual coverage above this minimum varies too. This might mean that you aren’t actually covered for everything you would have thought. Other times it happens that you’re actually covered for more than you believed.

The point is by providing your insurance documents and discussing the coverage with your lawyer, you will know what exactly you’re covered for. That helps a lot in figuring out a reasonable settlement amount for yourself, so you know what kind of number you’d be willing to settle at. Of course it’s best to keep this number to yourself if you really want to make the best of it.

  1. Assessing Your Case

Overall the biggest thing you need to discuss with your attorney is what the outlook for the case is. You should both always be on the same page when it comes to what you’re dealing with and what you’re aiming for. Of course you can keep the minimums you’d take to yourself and give your lawyer a higher number to work with. It’s a great way to push for what you want.

Make sure the communication goes both ways at all times and you’ll have the best chance of keeping your case solid.

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