5 Things to Look for in Breakdown Coverage

by edralyn on March 13, 2013

Shopping for auto coverage needn’t be difficult. Knowing what type of coverage is best suited to you, your family and your lifestyle will make finding the right insurance quick and efficient. If you’re going to pay for breakdown coverage, there are five things that you should look for. Here’s what you’re money should buy you:


1.Roadside Assistance

What happens when you’re driving down the M1 and you hear a horrible knocking sound in your engine? If your vehicle stops functioning, you’ll pull over to the side of the motorway. But then what? With roadside assistance coverage, you’ll be able to make one phone call for assistance. When you have roadside assistance, a cover provider will repair your vehicle where it rests. If the damage is too great, your car will be towed to a local garage and repaired for you. You should be aware that roadside coverage only kicks in if you are a 1/4 mile from home or further.

2.Nationwide Recovery

If you travel across the UK for work or leisure, you need to have this type of coverage. No matter where you break down, your car will be towed to the nearest garage if it cannot be repaired on site. This type of coverage is a necessary option for anyone who has a long commute to work, has family outside of their own region, or frequently holidays in different parts of the country.

3.Home Start

We’ve all experienced it. We wake up, eat a quick meal, get ready and get in the car. We turn the key and nothing happens. Unless you know your way around the underside of your car’s hood, what do you do? While you can certainly check to be sure you remembered to put petrol in the tank, make a quick check of the oil, or look to see that wires appear to be connected, do you know how to do anything else? Home start coverage provides assistance for breakdowns that occur while your auto is parked in front of your own home.

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4.Onward Journey

Having someone to phone to repair your vehicle quickly is beneficial. What happens, though, when your auto cannot be fixed on site? If your vehicle needs to be towed to a garage whilst you’re on holiday, onward journey coverage will provide overnight accommodations or alternative transport should your vehicle have to wait to be repaired. Having this coverage can ensure that you aren’t forced to spend time booking a room for you and your family, or that you have to cancel your holiday for lack of transport.

5.European Cover

Do you frequently holiday in Spain? Perhaps you commute to Paris for work or have family in Budapest. European cover can extend any breakdown cover that you purchase to other European countries. This cover is an option that anyone who frequently drives out-of-country should consider.

Once you know the type of coverage that you need for your auto, shopping becomes less confusing. Now that you know the type of breakdown cover that is available, what do you need? Make a list and find a company that offers every cover that you deem essential. The peace of mind that you obtain will be well worth any price you pay.

Daniel Alford is a financial blogger in the UK. If you need a little cash before your next paycheck, check out carbreakdowncover.com.

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